Bottled Lightning offers a full suite of creative services. We match you with talented creators to bring your idea to life and manage your project so you can enjoy a streamlined, stress-free creative process. We guarantee our work and honor your deadlines.

Writing and Story Development
Our team of professional writers develop your story concept, taking your outline and turning it into a fully-fledged story, comic script, or novel. We work with several published authors, most of whom specialize in speculative fiction. We take pride in writing engaging comic scripts with innovative features, realistic dialogue, and excellent pacing.

We work with dozens of artists, each of whom has a distinctive style, a great work ethic, and plenty of industry experience. Our review process gives you the opportunity to be involved and offer your input at every stage of development. The end result? Gorgeous finished artwork that helps your project achieve its highest potential.

Colors transform black and white illustrations, adding texture, mood, and dimension. We have extremely high standards for our colorists. We offer a range of cell-shaded and painted styles.

Lettering & Graphic Design
Our award-winning talent will give your project the ultra-professional touch of state-of-the-art lettering and graphic design to fit the voice of your unique project.

Get helpful, honest advice about project planning, publishing, funding, and navigating the comic industry. David and Steve meet with you regularly to discuss your project in-depth, answer your questions, and offer guidance. Consultations are ideal for folks who aren’t sure how to get started or need help funding and publishing work.